Haida Gwaii

Come experience the rich Haida culture and an array of wildlife. Trek through old growth forests, stroll on our sandy beaches, or take a hike and reward yourself with an amazing view! We have something for everyone!

Momma bear and her cubs beachcombing for breakfast

There are over 150 islands that make up Haida Gwaii. The two main islands are Graham island to the north and Moresby Island to the south. Being a temperate rain forest we experience a very mild climate year round. Temperatures range from about 0 – 25°C with an average temperature of 8°C. We have less than 30 inches of snow annually and the temperatures rarely drop below freezing. We do experience rain year round (so we recommend coming prepared for that) but the drier months tend to be between May – Sept. Winter months tend to be wetter and windier, but make for some great storm watching.

Flora & Fauna
The islands are home to a variety of trees; western red cedar, yellow cedar, sitka spruce and western hemlock. Boasting some of the largest and oldest living trees in B.C. Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands are home to an abundance of seabirds, with populations reaching 1.5 million during migrations. Ancient murrelets, tufted puffins, peregrine falcons, and bald eagles are just some of the species that make their homes here! We also have sitka black-tailed deer, the worlds largest black bears, elk, and harbour seals. Stellar sea lions, pacific white-sided dolphins and whales migrate past our shores annually.

To Do
• Kayaking
• Surfing
• Hiking
• Sightseeing
• Boat tours to Gwaii Hannas (National Park)
• Sightseeing flights
• Fishing charters – salmon, halibut, steelhead

Please ask us for recommended tour companies if you are planning on enjoying other activities while here on Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands.