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Off the Beaten Path Tours – Fishing Charters

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It is a business that is “small” in operation, but is “big” in what it has to offer. We consider ourselves to be extremely fortunate to be able to operate a outdoor adventure business in the most northern rainforest on the planet.

Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands are a uniquely special place and we have a purpose to make all our guests feel as passionate about this place as we do. We incorporate informative and educated views of:

• the natural resources
• the importance of utilizing local services
• the respect towards First Nations Haida heritage
• maintaining a strong and thriving ecosystem
• the small community island life
• the harmonization of nature, first nations and settlers
• island history
• the spiritual experience of this place

We aim to keep the groups small and personal. This allows for our guides to perform effectively to provide the highest level of experience while touring and fishing Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands. Along with being informative, our guides also educate our guests about this beautiful area, the community and its first nations people, the Haida. We highly respect what these islands and its people have to offer and will always strive to maintain this state with all those who visit.

Off the Beaten Path Tours has taken the time, effort and expenses to obtain every certification, parks permit, licensing and insurance to be a responsible touring and charter business.